lördag, juli 02, 2005

Do you like Hitchcock?

Jag orkade bara inte skriva nåt nytt, så ni får min engelska kommentar som jag skrev på Cinema Nocturnas forum:

Just watched the latest thriller from Argento and I think it will be more appricitated than the underrated The Card Player.

This isn't exactly a giallo, well not as people might think a giallo should be, but wellwritten and good acting overall. The simple and clean style reminded me of the animal-trilogy, but without the focus on murders.

It had some classical Argento-trademarks: extreme close-ups, point-of-view camera and heavy breathing, plot-twists and gorgeous digital cinematography.

The score by Pino Donaggio was top notch to.

The ending and conclusion of the murder mystery was a bit uneven, not the best, but it works. But I expected more.

A GOOD Argento-thriller, not a masterpiece, but a movie I will definitely buy on dvd!

tisdag, juni 28, 2005

Transporter 2

Ser fram emot den mycket! Gillade första, även om den inte var perfekt, och den här känns ännu mer fläskig med mer fighter och biljakter :)