fredag, april 27, 2007

Idag vid den lilla insjön....

"Om jag blundar

hör jag skvalpet

mot stenarna..

Då drömmer

jag om min


strand I


Det fattas

endast en sak,


av salt och tjära...."


måndag, april 23, 2007

Den 23:e april:

1875: LEE TUNG FOO, who played a waiter in "Mighty Joe Young", is born in California.1930: ALAN OPPENHEIMER, who played Dr. Contrare in the U.S. release of "Gammera the Invincible", is born in New York City. He is a veteran of sitcoms and cartoons, and was the voice of Mighty Mouse and Skeletor.1931: HAJIME TSUBURAYA, the eldest son of Eiji Tsuburaya, is born. He was director and special effects director on "Ultra Q", "Ultraman", "Ultra Seven", "Operation: Mystery", "Return of Ultraman", "Ultraman 80", and "Ultraman: Monster Big Battle", as well as producer of "Mirrorman", "Daigoro vs. Goliath", and "Jumborg Ace". He also was an assitant cameraman on "Gojira".1938: KATSUO NAKAMURA, who played Hoichi the Earless in "Kwaidan", the fisherman in Yaizu Harbor in "Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack", and the commentator in "Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.", is born in Tokyo. He also played Lise in "Princess From the Moon" and was in the live-action "Tetsujin 28".1956: WAKIKO KANO, who played Maria Nagisa a.k.a. Miss America II on "Battle Fever J" and Mimi on "Space Sheriff Gavan", "Space Sheriff Sharivan", and "Space Sheriff Shaider", is born in Hokkaido.1957: KENJI KAWAI, composer for "Red Spectacles", "Ringu", "Ringu 2", "The Princess Blade", "Dark Water", "Ultraman Nexus", "Death Note", and "Death Note: The Last Name", is born in Tokyo.1958: JERZY GUDEJKO, who played Murphy in “Avalon”, is born in Gdansk, Poland.1972: Episode 4 of "Superhuman Barom-1" debuts on Japanese TV.CARLTON HOLDER, writer on "Power Rangers Lost Galaxy" and "Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: Return of the Magna Defender", is born in Brooklyn, N.Y. He also wrote "Bridge of Dragons" and "El Padrino".1973: Episode 4 of "Zone Fighter", "Onslaught! The Garoga Army Attacks -- Enter Godzilla", debuts on Japanese TV.1974: Episode 3 of "Inazuman Flash" debuts on Japanese TV.1976: JAMES FLAVIN, who played Second Mate Briggs in the original "King Kong" and Schultz in "Mighty Joe Young", dies of a ruptured aorta in Los Angeles.1977: Episode 4 of "JAKQ Blitzkrieg Squad", "One Joker!! The Perfect Crime's Assassin", debuts on Japanese TV.1980: KUON SAYAKA, who was on "Kamen Rider Ryuki", is born in Tokyo.1983: Episode 12 of "Science Task Force Dynaman" debuts on Japanese TV.1988: Episode 9 of "Super Animal Task Force Liveman" debuts on Japanese TV.EITARO OZAWA, who played Inspector Miyashita in "The H-Man", Minister of Justice Kinami in "Gorath", and Finance Minister Kanzaki in "Godzilla 1985", dies.1989: Episode 25 of "Kamen Rider Black RX", "The Bride of the Scorpion Seat", debuts on Japanese TV.1993: Episode 9 of "Five Star Task Force Dairanger", "Don't Be Vain", debuts on Japanese TV.1999: "The Mighty Peking Man" has a limited re-release in the U.S.2000: Episode 13 of "Kamen Rider Kuuga", "Suspicion", debuts on Japanese TV.2003: "Dark Water" is released in Belgium.

Trettio år idag. Vad ska man säga...