fredag, mars 28, 2008

Date: 19 Feb 1996 17:59:00 -0500

"DVD is just a bad idea. It is being forced upon a uncaring and unwanted public and is an inferior product that simply isn't needed or desired. DVD exists only for one reason. Greed. Motion picture studios are always looking for a way to sell the same stuff over and over again and they think DVD is the answer. Electronics giants are always looking for the hot new gadget that will make consumers junk their existing products and they feel that DVD is the answer. Its not. Actually, it is an answer to a non existent question. A question that has never been and never will be asked."

Patrick T. Chamberlain var helt fel ute här. HELT fel ute. Och så här tolv år efteråt så blir det mycket stor humor. Läs hela artikeln som "bevisar" varför den stora allmänheten skulle föredra VHS före DVD.

Läs och njut.